Club Members
Community Services

Chairs: Don Leaf, Ed Davis, Dave Kirk

Community Service

-          Capital City Marathon Water Stop

-          March of Dimes Walk America Registration Desk

-          Salvation Army Bell Ringing

-          Firewood Delivery - provide firewood to heat family homes as referred from the Salvation Army   

-          Kiwanis Garden - work at growing vegetables for the Thurston County Food Bank

Community Services Dave Kirk (chair), Justin Deutsch, Glen Hudson, Don Lewis, Sohka Meas, Joe Sloan, Frank Spickelmire, 
Matt Hornyak, Mark Johnson, John Justice, Roger Roberts, Roy Chastain,Christy White,Veronica Diseth,Barry Diseth, Van Ly
    Garden Don Leaf (chair), Derek Valley (co-chair), Ed Davis, [Sue Lundy*], Jon Agnesani, Lucille Carlson, Sam 
Garst, Phil Paulsrude, Russ Carstensen, Barb Miklos, Peter Wright, Susan LaForti, Art Corwin, Stephanie Hon, Dave Peeler
    Wood Gene Forrester (chair), Don Lewis (co-chair), Art Corwin (co-chair),  Jon Halverson, Ryan McGaughy,
Charley Barron, Tim Timmer, Charles Shelan,  Virgil Clarkson, Wayne Gruen
    March of Dimes Dave Kirk (chair), Lucille Carlson, Darlene Morales
    Savation Army Bell Ringing Dave Kirk (chair), Chuck Fankhouser, Joe Sloan, Terry Kirkpatrick
    Capitol City Marathon Dave Kirk (chair), Dave Weber


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