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Committees provide a variety of opportunities for service to Olympia Kiwanians. If you would like to contact a committee chair please refer to the Club Member directory or send an e-mail using the "Contact Us" menu option above.


The 2010-2011 Committees and their chairs are:



Accounting Review Committee

Bob Lien (chair), Alex Young, Don Ernst, Frank Hensley

Citizen of the Year

Kathleen Drew and Steven Drew (co-chairs), Jon Halverson, Kathy Thompson, Carol Lien, Jan Britt, Diane Peroni, Don Krupp, Starleen Parsons

Club History

Sam Reed (co-chair), Joanie Deutsch (co-chair), Ellen Drumheller, Doug DeForest, Wayne Gruen, Alex Young, Dave Weber, Don Ernst, Terry Kirkpatrick (Archives)

Communications (Newsletter)

Jan Britt (chair), Derek Valley, Don Powell, Russ Carstensen, Carol Lien, Joanie Deutsch, Jerry Barney, Abbey LaBarre (Webmaster)


Community Services

Dave Kirk (chair), Joanie Deutsch, Don Lewis, Joe Sloan, Barry Diseth, Van Ly, Ricci Weatherman, Joe Gross, Matt Hornyak, Mark Johnson, John Justice, Roger Roberts, Roy Chastain, Vonnie Diseth, Charles Shelan


Don Leaf (co-chair), Derek Valley (co-chair), Ed Davis, [Sue Lundy*], Jon Agnesani, Lucille Carlson, Sam

Garst, Phil Paulsrude, Russ Carstensen, Peter Wright, Art Corwin, Dave Peeler, Frank Hensley, Starleen Parsons, Roy Chastain, Joanie Deutsch, Barry Diseth, Elissa Kokis, Steven Drew, Kathleen Drew, Peter Witt


Gene Forrester (chair), Don Lewis (co-chair), Art Corwin (co-chair),  Jon Halverson, Ryan McGaughy,

Charley Barron, Tim Timmer, Charles Shelan,  Joe Gross, Mark Couey, Harlan Stientjes, Wayne Gruen

    March of Dimes

Dave Kirk (chair), Lucille Carlson, Dennis Pulsipher

    Savation Army Bell Ringing

Dave Kirk (chair), Don Krupp, Lew Yarbrough, Joe Sloan, Terry Kirkpatrick

    Capitol City Marathon

Don Powell (chair), Dave Weber, Elissa Kokis

Finance Committee

Russ Carstensen (chair), John Halvorson, Doug Deforest, Alan Corwin, John Drebick


Susan Bogni (chair), Lucille Carlson, Matt Hornyak, Don Lewis, Chami Ro, John Rumsey, Jerry Barney,

Barry Diseth, Tim Timmer

    Lakefair Roast Beef Sales

Bill Moore (chair), Terry Kirkpatrick, Jon Halverson, Don Lewis, Kathy Thompson, Marla Kentfield,

Matthew Edwards, Lew Yarbrough, Joe Sloan, Steve Sloan, Ken Stormans, Doug DeForest, Don Leaf

    Poinsettia Sales

Jim Hutchinson (chair), Lew Yarbrough, Dave Kirk, Virgil Clarkson, Les Metzger, Gene Forrester

    Casino Night

Lucille Carlson (chair), Kathy Thompson, Mark Johnson  Carol Lien, Diane Peironi, John Rumsey, Chami Ro, TIm Timmer, Don Lewis, Don Powell, Bob Lien, Don Ernst

    Root Beer Floats

Carol Lien (has equipment), Derek Valley, Kathy Thompson, Diane Pieroni (for Key Leader Program)


House Reception and Club

Russ Carstensen (chair), Kathy Thompson, Kathleen Drew, Art Corwin,  Doug DeForest, Roger Roberts, Joe Minder, Diane Pieroni, Wayne Gruen


Human & Spiritual Values

Bob Hauth (chair), Dave Silke (co-chair), Darcy Eggeman,Jeff Gruber, Glen Tolman, Lynn Urvina, Jan Britt, Bob Lien, Roy Chastain,

International Relations

Lew Yarbrough (chair), Tim Malone, Walt Bowen, Susan Bogni

Interclub Relations

Dennis Pulsipher (chair), Ken Mitchell, Ray Seegers, Derek Valley, Jan Britt

Kiwanis One Day

Diane Pieroni (chair), Don Krupp

Kiwanis Foundation


Bob VanSchoorl (chair), Rick Millar, Don Ernst, Alex Young, Alan Corwin

    Scholarship Endowment

Jeff Gruber, Alan Corwin, Dave Carnahan, Darcy Eggeman, Rick Millar, Ray Seegers, Walt Hitchcock, Bill Moore, Mark Johnson,

Law Enforcement Youth Camp

Mark Couey (chair), Derek Valley, Jan Britt, John Weidenfeller

Law Enf Officer of the Year

Don Law (chair)

Membership Growth and Education

Russ Carstensen (chair), Sam Reed, Bob Lien, John Rumsey, Glen Tolman, Carol Lien, Bill Moore



Don Law (co-chair), Sam Hunt (co-chair), Joanie Deutch, Frank Hensley, Bob Lien, Sam Reed,

Carol Lien, Kathy Thompson, Les Eldridge, Bill Moore, Don Krupp, Jon Halvorson, Susan Bogni,Mark Johnson, Charley Barron, Mark Couey, Matt Hornyak, John Justice, Ray Seegers, Lew Yarbrough

Risk Management

Bob Lien (chair), Russ Carstensen, Don Ernst, Don Leaf, Walt Hitchcock

Service Leadership  Programs

     Sponsored Youth (Key Club)

          Olympia Key Club

DeWayne Granacki (chair),   Matt Grant,

          Capital Key Club

Lucille Carlson (chair), Debra Chamberlain, Joe Gross, Julie Gilbertson

          WAVA Key Club

Jeff Gruber (chair), Joanie Deutsch

          Key Leader

DeWayne Granacki, 

     BUG, Terrific Kids, K Kids,

         Builders Club

Youth Service Grants

Ellen Drumheller (chair), Joanie Deutsch, Jane Field, Mark Johnson, Carol Lien, Dave Silke, Doug Mah, Vonnie Diseth, Barry Diseth, Jeff Gruber, Alan Corwin, Don Krupp, John Weidenfeller, Starleen Parsons, 


 Kristina West, Alan Corwin

Elected Positions:


Terry Kirkpatrick, President; Russ Carstensen, President Elect; John Halvorson, Vice-President;

Don Powell, Secretary-Treasurer.; Don Krupp, Past President

    Board Members

          Through 2010

Doug DeForest, Don Lewis

          Through 2011

Ken Mitchell, Diane Pieroni

          Through 2012

Joanie Deutsch, Nancy LaPointe, Lynn Ervina

Diane Pieroni (chair), Jon Halverson, Kathy Thompson,Carol Lien,Jan Britt

Click a Committee name on the left to learn more.

Sam Reed (co-chair), Joanie Deutsch (co-chair), Ellen Drumheller, Doug DeForest,Sohka Meas, Wayne Gruen,Alex Young, Dave Weber, Terry Kirkpatrick (archives), Don Ernst

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