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Notes and Comments from Sue Lundy and Don Leaf:

All three gardens are getting close to fully planted.  Two weeks ago Olympia Freedom Farmers, and State employees planted squash starts at Capitol Campus. Delicata, acorn and butternut are the main three.  We dust them with blood meal for deer repellant.  Last week Sue and gleaners harvested 360 pounds of salad turnips.  We then tilled the radish and turnip area for a second crop in that area.  We are now over 1000 pounds delivered.  Tomatoes from Dave Goff and Helsing Junction Farm are planted at MGNW and the West Side.  Thank you for your real and productive efforts.


Intern update:  Cora Thaxton has been joined by Mackenzie McCall who has graduated from TESC!  We call them interns but they are full-fledged contributors to the garden effort.  It is really good to work with such competent and motivated people.  Thanks to Sue Lundy for her on-going contributions too.  


Thanks:  Target employees, Freedom Farmers, TESC students, State Employees, United Methodist Church, a passel of preschoolers, The Firewood Project for the cabbage starts trading capital, Marla Kentfield for our particpants list and schedule sending, and finally, Olympia Kiwanis, membership and Board for your ongoing support!


The Schedule:


Monday, June 19, West Side, 9 AM to 2 PM  Cabbage harvest, weeding, bean planting


Tuesday, June 20, MGNW/Goche/Friendly Grove Rd. 9 to 2, tilling, planting, tomato guiding, flame weeding the carrots, cabbage planting


Wednesday, June 21, Capitol Campus,  2 to 5 and 5 o 6:30 weeding, weeding, leek planting, root crop planting


Thursday, June 22 West Side 9-2 Weeding, possible planting, with United Methodist Church


Friday, June 23 not scheduled 


Saturday, June 24, West Side, 9 AM to Noon,  Weeding, mowing (we really need help here!), filling in the things that need attention.


WS  weeding, bean trellis completion, Olympia High students participating and getting community service credit, parsnip planting with a wonderful Target Crew.  It is really wonderful to see these Target Employees giving to their community.


Goche:  carrot weeding, carrot planting, tomato post driving and putting up guide strings


Capitol Campus, Turnip harvest by Sue and gleaner volunteers, onion weeding, rutabaga and turnip thinning and weeding.  The Capitol Campus Crew is growing and really digging in

Thanks to everybody who supports and helps!  

 Garden Addresses:

West Side: 3839 11th Ave. NW, Olympia WA 98502, north on Kaiser, west on 11th Ave, on the south side of the road, watch for the yellow fence posts.

MGNW/Goche/Friendly Grove Rd Farm, 3020 Friendly Grove Rd NE, Olympia, WA 98501, north on Friendly Grove Rd turn east on 30th Ct NE, go to the end, on the right side. 

Capitol Campus, 212 Maple Park Ave. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 (Just north of the Employment Security Building)


Don Leaf 357-7188 and 360-701-5657, or leafd@comcast.net

Marla Kentfield: marlamk@comcast.net for changes to or deletion from the list 

Sue Lundy: daisychaincsa@gmail.com phone: 360-688-4833.

Take a look at Olympia Kiwanis Good to Grow video by Ann and Dennis Mills:




Last Updated on 6/19/17
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