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Garden schedule May 29 – June 3 (two sessions at MGNW this week)

Monday, May 29th, West side, 8 AM to Noon, Join Sue for a Monday Memorial Day session.

Tuesday, May 30, MGNW/Goche/Friendly Grove Rd Farm 8 AM to 1 PM, carrot weeding, preparation for tomato and pepper planting.  Tilling in prep for cabbage, tomatoes, and peppers.

Wednesday, May 31, Capitol Campus, two sessions, 2 PM to 5 PM and 5 PM to 6:30 PM.  Tilling prep, (getting ready for squash planting), Onion planting, Leek planting, potato skips planting, weeding of root crops. (is there time for garlic weeding?) 

Thursday, June 1, MGNW/Goche/Friendly Grove Rd Farm, 8 AM to 3 PM Cabbage and  planting, trellis making, tomato planting

Friday, June 2 Not Scheduled, Contact Sue Lundy for help or direction.

Saturday, June 3 West Side, 9 AM to Noon, Weeding, planting as possible, tilling where necessary. 

May 28 Note from Don Leaf:

Gardens Progress:  Everyone I know is celebrating the arrival of some sunshine!  It has finally dried enough at the Jim Goche-Friendly Grove Rd garden, for Roger Johnson to till for us. (Thanks Roger)  We are weeks behind in planting there and the cabbage that was planned there is now planted at the West Side. I guess we will count our blessings for having 3 sites to work and make plan adjustments as necessary. 

Thanks to Capitol Campus gardeners:  We have continued to plant onions and weed. We are getting ready for squash planting and trying to keep up with the onions, leeks and root crops growing there.  We do need help with the fence edges.  We mulched with straw but lots of weeds have found their way through.

Notable Help Thanks!  A Terrific group from Black Hills High School Honor Society put up our tee posts that hold up the top wires and enable the trellis material to be erected. Thanks BHHSHS!  I drove one post for a demo and doubly thank these young strong smart people for doing this once per season task!

Thanks to everybody who supports and helps! 

 Garden Addresses:

West Side: 3839 11th Ave. NW, Olympia WA 98502, north on Kaiser, west on 11th Ave, on the south side of the road, watch for the yellow fence posts.

MGNW/Goche/Friendly Grove Rd Farm, 3020 Friendly Grove Rd NW, Olympia, WA 98501, north on Friendly Grove Rd turn east on 30th Ct NW, go to the end, on the right side.

Capitol Campus, 212 Maple Park Ave. SE, Olympia, WA 98501  (Just north of the Employment Security Building)


Don Leaf 357-7188 and 360-701-5657, or leafd@comcast.net

Marla Kentfield: marlamk@comcast.net for changes to or deletion from the list

Sue Lundy: daisychaincsa@gmail.com

 Olympia Kiwanis Good to Grow video by Ann and Dennis Mills:




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